Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Happy Place


I've been planning to reorganize or rather organize (since I can't say it was ever organized LOL) my scrap area since last year. Due to my growing supplies, yes I confess I've been splurging on scrap supplies lately *guilty as charged*, I felt the need to finally semi-organize my stuff. And most of all I usually face the dilemma of finding a supply I hid somewhere but I can't remember (maybe I'm a visual person). Believe me those times can be pretty irritating and could break my scrap momentum hahaha...
So here it is... my happy place inside my room dedicated to scrapbooking. Since I'm only sharing a rented flat, it was difficult setting up a scrap area. The space is limited, drilling of walls are not allowed, etc etc. Since I own the cabinet I bought from Ikea, I figured using the sides as a wall to mount my shelves. The glass/spice jars holds my ribbons that is color coded, the small embellishments are stored in the hardware drawers, the round glass-covered magnetic tins holds my prima flowers, I have this amazing tote bag I bought from Spotlight which holds all my frequently used tools, like scissors, adhesives, cutters, pencil etc, I have translucent boxes to store my foam stamps, clear stamps, rubber stamps, pens, chipboards , extra ribbons, stamp pads and the none of the above category*hahaha*. The trolley also bought from Ikea holds 3 shelves that holds my papers which is unfortunately not organized, the top shelf holds my magazines. My stickers are placed in 2 plastic cases from Popular, one case for letters or wordings and the other case for drawing/pattern sickers. Another plastic case stores my punchers. I also have the folding table that serves as my mobile scrap area, I usually scrap here when I'm watching DVD so I can have a better view. *talk about multi-tasking*

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~currant7 said...

very cool "happy place"! :)