Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm ECSTATIC! I so much love BAM POP and way before it was conceputalized by Garden Girl Jennifer Harrison together with her husband, I've been admiring her scrapbooking style. Definitely brings out the child in me! Just tonight I posted my latest bam pop LO at 2Peas and guess what? the talented Jennifer Harrison posted a comment on my LO! OMG! First Ms.Valerie has been leaving comments on my creations and now Ms. Jennifer! I'm really starstrucked!


salme said...

ganda nito! i like it!

Valerie Salmon said...

I can tell you had so much fun with this page! :D

~currant7 said...

so pretty!
jennifer's great too. :)
i know what you mean about starstruck. congrats no the wonderful layout and the recognition that you've been getting. :D