Wednesday, July 25, 2007

6 LOs and still counting

First of all here's the pattern for the shoe, sorry it took me too long to post. It's actually a Coluzzle template but I can't find it in our LSS so I just printscrn an image from a site, cropped and resized it (to fit A4) that's why the image is not actually good. But I think it's good enough for me, since I used this pattern to create 20 shoes! Have fun ladies!
Mareng s and I set a goal for ourselves to finish a number of LOs before we splurge again into buying scrapping goodies especially the pps. For myself, I set a goal of 10 LOs before buying another pp. Well so far so good.. I've made 3 trips to our LSS but never bought even a single pp or cs, but tomorrow would really be a challenge for me. Not only because it's payday but because it's the trendy new arrival Thursday at our LSS. Just yesterday the staff are already busy setting up the space for the new arrivals. So far I have finished 6 LOs, 4 to go and I don't think I could finish all 4 tonight. Hopefully I will stick to my goal and control myself tomorrow hehehe

"Kiss" scraplift from BHG Scrapbooks etc.

"Horsing Around" - scraplift of Anne Langpap*

"tsisi Boys"

"i am what i am" my entry for scrappinmoms sing me a song challenge

"Believe" - my entry to {Create}make it happen 6x12 LO challenge


salme said...

olrayt! ganda entries mo sa challenge! i like your 6x12!

Edleen said...

love your cut work and gorgeous layouts!


abby said...

walaw ang dami! sana mainspire ako wla akong nagagawa lately busy sa wala! hahaha
ginagawa ko yung save the date nung friend ko hindi ko din magawa haaayyyyy
i like the I AM WHAT I AM entry hehehe. *scraplift ko nga*