Friday, July 20, 2007

Scrapping in my dreams

As of this moment, my hands are itching to cut papers, I've been busy and very stressed at work that I only scrap in my dreams. hahaha no kidding! As soon as I arrive home, past 11PM I just clean up and then stare at my tons of pretty papers before I go to sleep. It's my stress reliever in addition to my bagful of Knick Knacks I bought back home *i just love them!*

Last night after having dinner at mareng s in celebration of her birthday my scrappalific rush is level up again. As usual when we meet together with our scrapping buddies, it was all chitchats on scrapbooking. So when I came home and finish up some work stuff *can't believe I'm bringing work at home*, I turned into my scrap mess *sad to say not beautiful as elsie's* and started working on something. When I scrap I don't usually do LO's in a spur of the moment unless a great idea comes along which rarely happens. This is how I plan my scrapping: ( shuffling step 1 & 2)

  1. Select photos to scrap

  2. Find a sketch/LO to scraplift/or use my own sketch *i usually draw them on a post it*

  3. Select papers/cs *i tend to select a few coz I'm undecided until I do it*

  4. Select title materials, embellies/accents and put into a ziploc bag

  5. Gather them all and put into a transparent plastic *the ones MWL provides*
I usually prepare 3 sets of this in one sitting, I call it brainstorming hehehe Now the question is when do I start doing it hahaha , currently I have 6 sets already, in addition I have 4 unfinished LOs and one LO in progress that I started last night. I'm targetting to finish at least 4 LOs this weekend, will I make it?

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