Thursday, August 23, 2007

August scrapmeet

I was unproductive during last Saturday's scrapmeet, didn't manage to finish an LO because of my migraine and cramps *sigh*. Anyway it was another successful scrapmeet with all the fun, games and yummy food! It's Jane's bday and baby shower so we made a 6x6 baby album for her. I managed to make 3 simple pages for the album, not bad ey! I hope we were able to spread the hobby through some of her friends who are new to scrapping. Plus I finally got to meet Pearl who dropped by and had a chit chat with us. She's still contemplating on the scrappinmoms idol round 2 so I'm a little bit relieved that I was freed from all that stress *lol*. This is the only thing I managed to do, to hang in our bedroom door, I removed my old one which has only my name on it. Yep got a roommate now, so I still have this dilemma to re-organize my previously organized scrap area.

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~currant7 said...

wow - lovely work there. :)
hope you had a great time!