Monday, August 27, 2007


With all the hooplas of scrapbooking, I've reached the height of my scrapbook addiction last week. I've read Ria's article in scrappinmoms immediately after it was posted but it really haven't sunk into me, not until last week. I was too caught up stressing myself to join all the challenges I bumped into, it was getting into my nerves. I forgot a lot of birthdays this August, it's unlikely of me as I usually send handmade greeting cards to my friends if not an LO. Haven't even had a long chat with my mother for weeks now *i'm a bad girl* and my scrap area has been a mess. Even my wardrobe was a big big mess!

This is not good. Though I confess I was addicted to scrapbooking I really never meant it this way. I need to pause and breathe. I must focus and prioritize. So yesterday I've made amends with myself, I didn't hold or look at a patterned paper or even browsed the scrapmag which I usually do every single day. I managed to use my scissors other than cutting pps... yesterday I sew on my clothes that needs stitching which I have delayed for such a long time now. And then I sorted out my wardrobe and scrap materials.
My retail theraphy is also getting out of hand so for this September I thought of a strategy to make amends. Mareng s and I usually drop by at MWL every Thursday lunch time to see (read:hoard) the new arrivals. So instead of bringing my wallet, I will only bring $10 cash pocket money to work on a budget. Fair enough?
Now all I need to do next is call my mother when I get home and call some friends whom I forgot to greet on their birthdays. I hope I can be forgiven. ;)
Meanwhile here are my last LOs before I regained my sanity *lol*


~Sasha Farina~ said...

:) take it easy... and go call your mom! she misses you... but, do something creative everyday... doesn't have to be scrapbooking! anything at all... finger painting sounds good!

love your LOs!

~currant7 said...

i love the Dad and Lazy layout!
wonderful stuff.
call your mom! i can't live w/o having any conversation with my mom. :)

~currant7 said...

oh, forgot to say that yes - sometimes you need to "breathe" and take off/take a day-off of scrapping. you would surely need to rejuvinate those creative cells of yours. :D
take care!

salme said...

yan din naiisip ko minsan, ano ba yan? mga natatapos kong LOs e pang challenge hahaha pero minsan kasi yung nagfufuel para magscrap ako. sabi ko nga sayo, madalas na ang sermon sa akin mwahahaha kaya minsan talagang pagtulog na mga bata tsaka ko scrap pero hirap din... dapat talaga bumalik yung scrap for memories and scrap for the fun of it! (o ayan haba na nito, pede na tong journal!)

Jenn said...

great pages! and thanks for joining {Create} Cheers, Jenn