Friday, August 03, 2007

A sad note

I only knew about my scrap idol Elsie's divorce a few days ago. I was sad for her, I know it's heartbreaking and I think being a celebrity makes it more difficult for her. I stumbled on a forum that discussed her unfriendly behaviour during the CHA, I found some comments offending. We are only human, Elsie is no exception, we have our ups and downs. Though I don't know her personally, never met her and she might not be as bubbly as depicted in her photos and LOs (based on the comments), I personally sense that she is a nice person that is sooo unworthy of bashing. Anyway, though she will never be able to read this, I just wish her well in her new life ahead, hang in there Ms Elsie.

Now on to my new LOs

Pencil Lines Sketch #43


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~currant7 said...

oh my...Elsie divorcing...i feel so sad now...even if she doesn't know me. the only contact i have with her is her blog and maybe her leaving me a comment in the past.