Friday, August 17, 2007

Sh*t happens

Thanks Lee! My friend kept telling me it's from Forrest Gump but I was thinking it was from the movie Terminal, ayooo where did that came from? *lol*
Anyway as expected I was eliminated, got sad a bit but I eventually got over it. As Au mentioned, it was stressful, but it was freakin stressful for me *lol* The second round was even harder than the first one, going monochromatic is totally not my style. Goodluck to all the wonderful ladies who are in the contest and they are all rockin' talented. I'm rooting for some of my blogger girlfriends to be in the finals, bigay todo na!
To lift up my spirit *really had a bad day yesterday even at work*, I took out my Love, Elsie pps last night and started doing my entry for Pencil Lines sketch # 45. Turned out a little different from the sketch but I was happy with the result, I used the Riley collection which is sooo fun, i'm lovin the orange and yellow and brown and green and blue. =)

Yipeee we have a scrapmeet tomorrow! haven't prepared yet what to bring, definitely my clear stamps will be on top of the list!
Meanwhile I'm off to the outside world, gotta meet some friends for TGIF gimik night. It has been awhile since we bonded together, it's time to step back a little from scrapping and get some fresh? air *lol*


salme said...

i love this LO! :-) inggit pa din ako at di ako nakasama hehehe katawa pa at super uncomfy ako dun sa party hehehe pero syempre una anak bago sarili hahaha

~Sasha Farina~ said...

that is really nice!! and thanks for visiting! your comments always make me smile :) *hugs*

maybe we can crop together sometime :)