Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm not actually hibernating, just felt so stressed at work and have been busy re-organizing my scrapspace, that's why I have no time to scrap... that much hehehe *i actually finished 2 more LOs last week*. Quite tough since I have no choice but to squeeze in my stuff in such a small space because I have to give space to my room mate. Anyway I'll post a snapshot of the final re-org later once I finally decided where to put what *LOL*
Meanwhile I just want to share what happened 2 nights ago, abiik lost her wallet and camera inside MWL, stolen actually. Our happy place turned out to be a not so happy place after all. For we thought it is safe to leave our belongings at the table while we browse around the store. It has been a habit of ours, well not until what happened. Although it's our fault in leaving behind our belongings I just hope the staff and owner would be kind enough to assist abiik in finding the culprit. We've been asking them to let us take a look at their CCTV installed inside the store but the staff have been reluctant everytime we ask. Now I wonder if the CCTV installed is actually working, well just asking. Now I'm meeting abiik at the store to meet with the owner, let's just keep our fingers crossed.
Just sharing the 2 LOs I did last week...

Scraplift of *paula* of the 2PS pub ad challenge

My Entry to our very own Scrappers at SG


Lee i. said...

hay naku. love ko talaga style mo. ako, di ko pa makita anong style. sabi ng asawa ko, adaptable daw, which is like saying, confused. hahaha. how do you get to finish so many LOs so soon?

Aida Haron said...

Oh that was someone you know who lost had the wallet stolen ??? Centa was telling me about it, and I was apalled !!! We leave our bags at the cafe booths all the time so I guess from bnow on will have to be more careful ! Thanks for coming by, Aida