Wednesday, October 24, 2007

CK/HOF hoopla

It's taking the scrapbooking community by storm. I don't need to elaborate further or make a big deal out of it. It's sad but it will soon be forgotten. It's not that I don't care but working in the IT industry, intellectual property (ownership, credits same, same) is a too big issue to deal with.

On the issue of giving proper credit... I too am guilty of not giving credit in my early years of scrapbooking, or maybe until now? Though I am extremely careful not to submit scraplifts for the challenges (except our own challenge which coincidentally is called a Scraplift challenge) but my own work can be easily mistaken as a lift from another scrapper. For example, amongst the million of scrappers who would not think of adding a dimensional Christmas tree in an LO? (btw i got the tree idea from my dear friend abiik, check out her
LO ) In my opinion no matter what you do with your LO, it will always resemble other's work. How much can you make out of a 12x12 canvas, seriously? That's why I'm hats off to all the wonderful and creative souls out there sharing their works of art, and even sharing sketches, techniques and process to create projects and LOs.

Now for the essence of scrapbooking...
I love to scrap, it's fun, it's my way to distress, you can even call it my escape but really why do we scrap? I do join challenges, of course for the prize, the honor and glory of it all hehehe, I will be a hypocrite if I'd say I never dreamt of joining a DT. I want to have my own paper line ala Elsie or BamPop, but all these are just icing on my very very big cake heehee. Comments in my LOs and my blog really makes me happy, but most of all nothing beats the sweet smiles from my parents and the way they proudly display my LOs all over our walls. *lol* Seriously, you could see my precious LOs hanging by the doors, along the hallways and even inside their closet. They will always reason out that it's meant to be seen everyday rather than stored in an album, well who am I to argue. I just finished an album, around 32 pages of them, yes my parents, my mama, my dad, the two of them, the 3 of us, the 4 of us with my brother, or with our relatives. So now you know why my LOs are mostly pictures of them. I'll bring the album back home when I take a vacation this coming Christmas. Now I wonder if our walls would be enough, I just hope they don't stick them on the ceiling *LOL*

So here are the latest batch for the album.


Aida Haron said...

Marix, there is nothing wrong with scraplifting, it is essentially juat one way of learning. Yes, you are right in that there are only so many ways to fit stuff on 12 X 12s. It's just that some LOs submitted for challenges and online galleries are EXACT lifts from Hambly and from Iris B. Uy (DT October Afternoon), what then ?

Lee i. said...

I agree with you that there are only so many ways to fit stuff in an LO, someone would have done something before you. But what makes each unique is the story (journaling/sentiments), the photos, the emotions triggered. I think for our family and friends that is what is most important. We just have to be careful to give credits when we make exact replicas of other people's LOs.