Friday, October 26, 2007

For Fun!

I'm excited for tomorrow, wahoooo! It's our scrapmeet again! Triple celebration, one is halloween,the others? secret! *lol* I've been working on our giveaway goodies for almost a week already, it's not much but I hope the scrappers will enjoy it.
Just want to share our fun filled agenda, which is still subject to change depending on the moods, because we also have lots of food along with the activities. So it's either we eat or we scrap *lol*

Trick? or Treat?
Treats, treats and more treats coming your way.... only those who are present will receive these limited edition goodies *wink*
Make and take projects - ATCs, mini books (if you have index prints, bring them over!), and altered monogram chipboard ...basic supplies will be provided!
Are you a frugal scrapper? what do you do with your scraps? share us your tricks! and you might get a treat!
Make and give project - let's make Xmas gift tags for a worthy cause, (basic supplies will be provided)
yummy treats awaits the one with the most tags created!
Monster showtime!
Stamping galore!
What is heat embossing? masking? kiss stamping? stamping with glue? How to make your own charms using shrink plastic ala Q & Co, your own phrase twills ala 7Gypsies! and your very own ala-Hambly transparencies!
In between sessions, individual/group games or tricks will be held so get ready or be scary!!!
You have the option to wear your scariest costume, or just be yourself nyahahaha

How to create Frankie candy bar
All the other goodies and fun ideas are from links shared and compiled by Allison's cool blog!

Just want to clarify that those professional copycat scrappers (read: scrappers who do exact copies and own the glory of it all) who join challenges, contests, DTs and even get published are taboo for me. We can talk about them, bully them or trash them in blogs and forums or even sue them, can we? But that's not me. I say let the organizers/challengers decide who's who, anyway they are the ones who makes the rules and chooses the winners, good or bad choice.

So I say we just scrap and do this for FUN!!! TGIF!

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