Friday, October 12, 2007

Late updates

Just want to share some of my photos in the recently concluded MWL Scrap Survivor Challenge.
That's me having one on one with one of the survivors to vie for the 3rd place, the challenge is to set 10 eyelets the fastest using the primitive hammer. *though primitive it still works best although I haven't tried the crop-a-dile, but after the challenge I'm thinking of going back to these hammer thing as my MM eyelet setter is giving me a hardtime* The atmosphere was intense, there was pressure, I can vaguely hear my friends cheering for me and I almost hit my fingers all for the glory of scrapping hahaha.
I did win in this round but I sucked at the final elimination for the top two survivors, it was Q&A and surprisingly I dont have any anwers hahahha

Anyway here's our completed LO Sharon and I concocted in one of the challenges, to scraplift an LO fom MWL DT using our own materials within 30 minutes with the following requirements. I'm not really good when under pressure, I almost tore the LO while I was piercing to make the sewing easier, but I was trembling as I just couldn't put the needle through *hahahaha talk about stress*, come Sharon to the rescue who finished the stitching! In case you're wondering where it is I already covered it with a sticker (see: Fun Times)

Special thanks to cute#1 for the photo =)

And here's me having a grandtime shopping!

We also attended another crop last Saturday courtesy of the wonderful ladies of Create and P2P.

Here are some more photos of the event and the details in edleen's blog. Here are the yummy goodies we got from them

and the round robin LO we did with my team mates CJ, Felicia and Deedah =)

I'm so inspired with all the crops I'm attending, so it's not surprising I was able to scrap these LOs.
bff *i have another one coming as botchok gave me this abbreviation - bffl, just guess what it means and you get a prize =)

sisters - another altered shadow box for mareng s, just to brighten up her days at the office

I have other LOs but blogger is giving me a hardtime uploading. Anyway I'm so excited with another LO in progress it's my entry to Kaya Challenge, I'm having nightmares thinking about this challenge (ok it's a bit exag heehee), after numerous sketches and planning, my mind suddenly decided to just let my hands do the drawing and cutting. My target is to finish it tonight and post it by tomorrow.


Aida Haron said...

Great page, the crop looked FUN, FUN, FUN !!!!!

Edleen said...

loving your layouts!!! hopefully we'll have more crops together in the future :D

have a Good Weekend! :)

Rebecca said...

I love the sisters layout - what a great idea, I have to scraplift!

lialuvsblythes said...

BFFL - Best Friends For Life? haha!