Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodie storage

Here's an overview of my computer table, top shelf with the DIY shelves. Yeah I did ask botchok to drill holes to place this super cheap shelves I bought at Daiso, for $8 I have these shelves to give space to my goodies. The top most shelf is where I store my sidekick which is currently adopted by pre, I haven't used it for quite sometime so I hope pre finds time to use them. It still has some free space so I'm still contemplating on what to put there.

And here's my new storage for buttons, brads and other embellies, I want my buttons mixed up so they look yummy ;) I was initially fascinated with this rotating plate, and so I started looking for spice bottles that would fit in. The other bottles are from Prego, yep the yummy spaghetti sauce, I was surprised to see these bottles for sale at Daiso so I thought of using them to store my other ribbons and felt goodies.

This is such a cute candy machine to fill with small buttons, got this idea from Emeline's blog. I went to several branches of Action City looking for this, it was available December last year and I even bought a few but I gave them away. Eventually I found them at Vivo City but they don't want to sell the display sets which are colored red and yellow, so I settled for blue. But just tonight I went to Tangs to buy Xmas ornaments and found a lot of this candy machines for sale and available in all colors! *sigh*

Okay enough about my scrap area, can't show my table for now which is a mess (who isn't?). I'll just give an update from time to time.

Here's a few of my new LOs and some old LOs I haven't posted. Oh my it's Wednesday already, in a blink of an eye it would be Thursday again., if you know what i mean ;)

Ad inspired LO, I used the new Pop Culture paper lace by KI, I initially wanted to buy white but I also like the pink one then I realized it's plain white at the back so I just bought pink! *so clever lol*
Journaling is quite long (Finally I was able to share the story about a sad chapter in our not so normal life that we eventually surpassed):
A week after coming home for a Christmas vacation last year she was hospitalized and undergone surgery. I wasn⿔t able to go home immediately since I just got back and I have so many backlogs at work, and it was also difficult for me financially. As much as I want to be with her, my sister-in-law who took care of her together with my Dad assured me she⿔s doing fine and it⿔s not that critical. But I was worried and sad, never a day would pass that I don⿔t give her a call while she⿔s in the hospital, giving her encouragement or even cracking a joke just to brighten up her mood. A month after that I came home to visit her once again, this is her photo a month after the surgery. I⿔m glad and thankful to God to see that she⿔s doing fine. Her doctors were even amazed at her speedy recovery sadly some patients with the same case didn⿔t make it even after the operation. She⿔s a fighter and a survivor. Until now she⿔s still in medication but she⿔s up with her two feet ready to go to the mall with me when I come home again this coming holidays.

My Entry for ChitChat challenge

Scrappers at SG challenge # 9

Ad inspired

Para sayo ang laban na to! (This fight is for you), my Dad mimicking Manny (Pacman) Pacquiao - Pencil Lines sketch

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