Thursday, November 15, 2007

I wish I was home

When I read about the new challenge for ChitChat, I thought of scrapping a photo of our family. But when I browse my photos and saw this photo I immediately decided to use this instead. Seeing this photo makes me happy and sad at the same time, happy coz this is my favorite place in the whole world, a place where I really belong, sad coz I miss home, I miss my parents. I just called my mother today, and oh boy 40 minutes of chit chat is never enough. I will see them soon this coming Christmas holidays so I can't wait til December, yipee!

After doing this LO, I realized I've done something like this before except that my Mama is in the photo, here is the link and read on my cheesy journaling =)
Later I'm off to MWL and meet with abiik. Yaikss it's trendy new arrivals day again and just look at what's new in store, oh my!!! I want those KI! arghhh! I guess I just have to close my eyes when I enter the shop *lol*

Hapi tsisi tarsdi! (Happy cheesy Thursday)

1 comment:

Edleen said...

lovely layouts Marix! i can relate about missing home... although that was when i was living in the UK :D

so what's the damage today? *wink*
hope you got the Ki you're eyeing :)