Friday, November 30, 2007

Messy Table

Special request by Lee, viewer's discretion is advised *LOL*

Since my roommate is on a business trip, the room is all mine for this week, this is my computer/scrap table, I just pull the cables from my laptop and stash it in my bed if I want to scrap. I just can't scrap in here at the moment, the reason is visually and horrendously obvious hahaha

and here is where I scrapped

and here is the simple LO I did! (with stitches, reason why you can see jars of threads in that messy table)

Yaiks miss v is coming back so it's cleaning time tomorrow... i hope she doesn't read this blog hehehe...TGIF!


~currant7 said...

great layout with the swatches. really creative since a lot of fabrics have great patterns!

congrats on the many prizes and racs that you won. :) you are soo getting recognized left and right! ***envious over here***

Jenn said...

just realized you scrap like me... all over the floor...

and lovely layout as usual..

and Congrats on those yummy prized you won!! woohooo...

Wati Basri said...

that is lovely take on chit chat!!