Thursday, November 22, 2007

My trolley

Here's a quick look at my trolley which I can just drag anywhere. Since I'm sharing a room now, I can't place it near my computer table beacuse it's already crowded so this sits in the corner that I just drag whenever I want to scrap. There are times that I do my scrapping in the living room so again I just drag this trolley, really convenient! The bottom part still holds my papers, middle shelf now holds my punchers stored in a case. Previously I stored this case standing so my punchers banged each other and eventually some of them were ruined. =( Anyway, I also place my pens and pencil colors on the same spot, so I can easily reach them. The top shelf now holds my tool bag and all other knick knacks.

These are the side views where I now hang my other goodies (usually new ones) like stickers, blings, softies, other embellishments, my wipes, even my now extended circle cutter (can cut circles way bigger than 12x12, really cool!) and all other stuff that I can hang using the binder rings. It kinda looks like a mini store, it's so fun to browse along when I'm looking for stuff heehee. I got the binder ring thing idea from Sharon when I saw her 7gypsies stickers neatly binded together.
I still have no guts to show my table, still a mess, I don't think it will ever be neat. ;)
Last weekend I got to play with my stamps but it's only last night that I finally sat down and make something out of it.
Time really flies so fast, it's Friday again wohooo!


salme said...

OMG!!! Ang cute cute nung Xmas stamps ni Hannah!!!

And, the trolley gave me an idea, san po nyo nabili yun?

liliput said...

oo nga cool idea nga yung trolley :) at tunay ka po para ka na pong may mini store hihihi..

i second the motion si soox.. Ang GANDA nung Chrismtas stamps ni Hannah!! hehehe eye catching talaga :)

Wati Basri said...

i hv the same trolley!! and loving it :)
i scrap in the living room so the trolley moves around with me too :)