Monday, November 05, 2007

What a Night!

It was another happy event last Thursday night. So happy to receive a reply from Ed regarding our arrangement for the meeting to receive our yummy goodies (CJ and I won in the October Create challenge), and when she mentioned the launch of Far Flung at MWL, I immediately went to MWL's blog and was drooling over the goodies and excited to see the sample LOs.
I replied to Ed via sms and of course without a doubt it's a YES we'll be there! So the 3 of us, mareng s, CJ and I were already chatting about our excitement. Plaza Singapura (PS) is just 10-15 mins walking distance from our office so now you know why we frequent the place. When CJ and I entered the shop it was Aida who saw us first, we were reluctant to come forward as we're a little shy and I can even recall CJ blushing hehehe, and then there was Ed, both of them wave at us so we immediately come over. There was also Jenn and her sweet little girl, Nat who greeted us with her sweetest smile. A very brave, friendly, energetic and pretty girl. This is what I received from the groovie ladies and P2P, thanks so much!

And here's a photo taken by Jenn, I kept teasing her that we look pretty hahaha, but really I'm not myself that day coz I really feel sick because of my pesky colds, I just didn't want to miss the fun so I still came to see the fuzz at MWL.

Then there were Kristy and Fay the owners of Far Flung and their DT Sharon who looks so lovely in her asian attire. I immediately went to the sample LOs and was immediately drawn with the intricate cutting and sparkles. After doing our free make and take we head on to shop, and I bought these (photos are from MWL blog):

Mostly pps from Batik collections and one from bollywood collection, fabric sets and some embellishments. You can see more of their products at MWL's blog here.
There was also a raffle draw for 2 boxes of goodies courtesy of Far Flung, so while waiting we ate some snacks prepared by the table of scraps headed by Chenta. And it was a double whammy for CJ, she won again! Wohoooo!
It was Aida's birthday celebration as well so everybody sang a good cheer for her, she's a DT at MWL. I also bumped into Lia! Another talented lady who is the newest DT of MWL! wooohooo go girl!
While waiting for the second draw, oh yeah I'm still eyeing for the other prize, who knows it could be a double whammy for me as well heehee. I roamed the shop and bought the stickles which is so fun to use. At the counter we were surprised to see our fellow scrappersatsg who came at the shop as well, who would want to miss the trendy new arrivals thursday at MWL? Andros, Beng, Chinqui and Cute#1 join in the fun.
None of us won the other prize and so the rest of them still shopped around while CJ and I called it a night. =) Thanks to MWL, especially to Elvira and Sandra who always makes us feel at home... details of the event here. Until next Thursday!

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