Monday, November 12, 2007

Wild Women Do.... Win!

Hehehe, I'm so happy! The Chit Chat ladies chose my LO as the winner, yipeee! I'm always late to know, I got the email from them 2 days ago, I'm too busy scrapping that I forgot to check my emails ayooo! Anyway here's their announcement in their blog, do join in the fun coz they have awesome challenges!

Here's some more scrappalific updates...
Guess what? I just finished my MWL's birthday treat card with just 2 consecutive days of shopping! for $300 worth for a chance to win a whopping $400 voucher from MWL, on top of that I got 15% off with my goodies and got double stamps for my SA (scrapaholics anonymous) card, few more stamps and I will be SFL(Scrapaholic for Life) member!) I'm a true blue shopaholic, and these are my to die for goodies...

Friday afternoon was totally fun with Love, Elsie, Zoe and Noel collections, yummy, funky and simply irresistible with a few Sassafrass pps and that adorable Owl stamps, *darn cute really*!

Saturday afternoon was the launch of Creative Cafe a one of a kind shopping experience! Check out the goodies up-close at MWL blog.

Cj and I were followed by paparazzi during the event *lol* check out the details of the event here. Did you spot the 2 ladies in black busy hoarding the felt goodies at the candy-like bar?! heehee Thanks so much to the sweet girls at the bar for bearing with our unending search of felt goodies *ukay-ukay style*

I know I went way way over the budget for this month, (another one of those "advance Xmas gift for myself" *lol*) so I have to do some adjustments, hmmm Skyflakes for dinner? hahaha CJ and I swore not to buy anything else for this month after this out-of-control shopping, can we do it? That we have to see! *wink*

Okay got to scrap now, I promised myself one LO a day for 5 days to purge my old supplies and play with my new ones! Happy Monday!


Liza said...

hi marix! that was a really fun lo! congrats! i like your funky style. galing!

Wati Basri said...

congrats on winning at Chit Chat challenge!u totally deserve it...awesome LO!!