Sunday, December 02, 2007

Cleaning the mess

I devoted my Saturday to cleaning our room and it was a success! I even cooked sinigang (pig's tail in tamarind soup) while doing it. Botchok jokingly told me I'm good in multi-tasking because the sinigang tastes sooo good just like my Mama's. Actually I ran out of salt so I just used patis (fish sauce) instead and jokingly told him it already includes my perspiration hahaha.

Anyway here are some shots of my scrap area minus the mess

I did manage to create an LO in just 30 minutes! I've been planning to scrap this photo as a gift to Mama, she's the mother of my dear friend Ces and she's also hooked into scrapping! She's going back home for a few months so I just want to give this as a going away present. I'm glad she liked it. Until our next scrapping, see you soon Ma ;)

1 comment:

Au Lim said...

ay wow! love that cutwork! i have that paper too, di ko pa nagagamit. parang nainspire yata ako gamitin na. :-D