Tuesday, December 18, 2007

MIA again

I've been busy-busy and excited since I'll be coming home for the holidays yahuuu!
Some quick updates here...
No personal scrapping for more than 2 weeks! A break from 12x12 scared me, can't seem to find my mojo to scrap an LO again, thankfully I signed up for a Beautiful Mess 3 class at MWL and did (well almost hehehe) 2 LOs. I still need to add some finishing touches so no photos for now.
But I finished my 5R shadow frames (but the photo should be 2R because of the matting) and I'm glad my first recipient was very touched and personally thanked me, and was hoping I could do a bigger version hehehe. I would, but the tricky part is getting a not so expensive shadow frame. =)

Finally we pulled it off again! Many thanks to our scrapmates, esp to mareng s for being assertive to push through with our Christmas Scrap Party! woooohoooo!
I can only share a few photos from my cam later, there goes my blooper again, nope my battery was fully charged and I brought a spare but silly me! forgot to change the mem card and realized it was only 256kb, argghhh! Anyway many thanks to maps DH for being our official photographer and amy's DH for holding the pabitin, yes the authentic pabitin with all the scrap goodies hanging. There are the usual bring me game, pass the parcel and the 12 days of Christmas but the trip to Jerusalem (also called musical chairs) gave me gas *lol*. And of course the gift grabbing, although most of us didn't do the grabbing hehehe Will share the photos when I get hold of the copies. I think the kids games are wackier when adults participate and with all the inhibitions stripped off. Kudos to everybody for being "game"!
The only activity I managed to teach was the creation of ornaments, this is a simple ornament which is quite popular when I searched the internet.
Apart from that I just showed them the other ornaments that can be created from prima bottle and Q&Co tube.

Special thanks to abiik and cute#1 for these very creative gifts!

gift tags by abiik which double as a gift! (the swirly circle is actually a spool of ribbon)

These flower pots double as photo frames made by cute#1 for our scrapmates. Really pretty!

by cute#1, no it's not clams, they are our initials hehehe

And this is my letter, funky eh! Tenchu cute#1!

It's a no work holiday today so I will sneak in some time to scrap (while I do my laundry, bring on the sunshine pretty please!) before I take my bow for 2007 hehehe.

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