Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shopping again!

It's almost weekend but no progress at all! I tried my hands creating a digital LO hopefully I can submit it by tomorrow for my Kaya entry. And yes it's Thursday once again! Mareng s and I have been monitoring MWL's blog for the new arrivals, we thought our mojo to scrap could be ignited by shopping *LOL*
And so we did. I did my best to control myself, kept on telling myself "shop wisely, shop wisely". After several rounds at the shop I only bought a few stamps, pps and the Scrapbooks etc. magazine. My total bill is almost $28, a whooping 70% decrease in my average shopping per visit last month. I usually spend a hundred arghh!, just imagine my credit card bills hehehe and oh yeah I'm officially an SFL (Scrappaholics for Life) member. And so I announced at the counter that I'm so proud of myself. hihihi Anita and Jen was laughing at my remark. But the defining moment would be this Saturday because we're going to attend the MWL crop which usually includes shopping promos that are simply irresistible. Wish me luck!

And to compensate for my shopping I will finish an LO tonight in between doing my laundry and watching American Idol *LOL* Meanwhile here's a quick LO I did last week for ChitChat challenge.

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