Friday, January 11, 2008

Last and First

After a 2wk holiday, I feel like my body and mind is still on a halt. Can't find my mojo I left somewhere, too lazy and simply uninspired. But my silence was broken with a big bang yesterday. I got this HATE messages in my cbox. First I thought it was one of those spam messages so I deleted the message. The person didn't even leave a URL or email and called herself a Scrapping God. Then all of a sudden a flood of totally foul messages were left in my cbox. I can take constructive criticism especially on my scrapping but calling me a bitch and a pussy is totally out of line. I immediately deleted the messages and banned her IP which surprisingly is registered in Singapore. Now who could you be? After a while I just laughed this off. It's flattering really! Am I that intimidating to you? hahaha I felt like KC being bashed *LOL*
Now back to regular blogging....
Here's my last LO for 2007 which is another entry to ChitChat, which was chosen by Jen of MWL as FOTD.

And here is my very first LO for 2008 which is my entry for mareng s challenge in scrappers at sg. I'm slowly picking myself up to scrap again =)
Happy New Year!

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