Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Technical problems

Now my laptop gone haywire and the recovery disk doesn't seem to work,alamah! I just hope my precious collection of photos are still intact. I'll ask my friend to do magic to make it work otherwise I'll have to send it for repair argh!!! What's more stressing is my adorable N73 started giving up on me as well. The battery depletes in hours just in standby mode. It happened before so I think I have to start letting go of this baby before it crashes. Don't you just hate it when these things happen? My eyes are now set on N82 which I think is an improved model of N73. The camera boasts of 5 megapixels, wowza! and it's WIFI. Though I don't like the casing and the color, feature-wise I think it really suits my personality. I really don't see myself owning a PDA phone, it's not me. I just hope it suits my budget, I still can trade-in my N73 and I'll do an upgrade to lower down the cost. Hopefully I'm a happy girl by next week phonewise that is hehehe.

Meanwhile here's my accomplishment last weekend plus some V cards which I'll post later.

My entry for Pencil Lines Sketch by Singapore's very own Sasha and also my entry to {Create}.

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janu-jenn said...

which is why i don't like nokia anymore...feeling ko napaka-disposable niya, ang bilis bilis masira! i bought my n-gage qd before...after a month, nag-hang na. ugh. my other friends got techie problems with nokia, too, so i swear talaga never na ko bibili ng nokia. heheheh... but that N82's tempting ha? 5MP camera? wowza talaga. =)

miss you na, marix!