Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lesson learned

I just got back my laptop, the hard disk crashed so they replaced it with a new one without any cost. But I lost all my precious photos and documents since my last backup which was last October or November 2007. I was hoping it was a virus and I wouldn't mind paying for up to 80SGD since it's a SW issue, at least they would be able to recover my data. *sigh* I was trying to recall all the photos I've lost, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Valentines day, my friends's bdays, latest scrap projects, my scrap meet photos, my scanned photos, my cousin's photos, all gone! That is if my backup is still intact otherwise I've lost almost 5 years of my precious memories since I went digital. I'm now thinking of ways to organize my data especially my photos so it's easier to make a backup and try my best to do it on a regular schedule.
As for my office laptop, the hard disk also crashed so my email archive ( my last archive was Feb, argh!) was lost together with all the documents, thankfully there were some personal photos rescued. (well that's a consolation, who cares abut work related docs *lol*)

Lesson learned: backup regularly!
I hope to start scrapping again once my laptop is good to go.

I can't bear another post without photos so I'm sharing with you my entry to pencil lines design a sketch contest a month ago, i think? I haven't heard from them so I think I didn't make it, better luck next time hehehe. I usually draw my sketch in a black notebook using my white gel pen as shown here. Maybe you may also want to try interpreting my sketch. TFL!

thankfully these images were in my sent folder so I don't have to photograph this project again =)


Jennie(Jenn) said...

oh gosh!! on the data lost..

and wow! thats a beautiful layout!

janu-jenn said...

sigh...daming memories lost! thanks for sharing this story, i, too, have learned something from it!

salme said...

Lahat ata ng nagbabasa ng blog mo e mapapanic sa nangyari... Eto backup ko din pics namin hahaha