Monday, March 10, 2008

Productive weekend

It was another busy weekend as we at scrappers@sg enjoyed another fun filled pre-Easter crop last Saturday. As always, the food outpoured once again, scrapping and eating always come together. =) And since we are short of time we limited the activities to a few fun games, making of Easter basket and free style cropping. Thanks again to cute#1 for being the official photographer who also gave out die cuts from her new toy, the cricut! She's also the reigning egg queen hahahha. We have this quail eggs eating contest using chopsticks and she ate all 3 in just seconds! Way to go!

To spice up the cropping abiik gave out prizes for each finished LO. Also, one of our activities is to create more 6x6 LOs for Julie's SCKC project. We have a humongous support from the scrappers and managed to finish 124 pages!!! Wohoooo! Hopefully Julie will receive those by next week. Do visit her blog for updates on her SCKC project.

And here's what I demo to the scrappers using Cambria's tutorial with a little modification...

Look at those pretty baskets from the scrappers. You can get the detailed instructions here.

Special thanks to mareng S for organizing and hosting the crop and she also gave out goodies! And now I am richer with these yummy stash.

Thanks to all the scrappers@sg for another fun-filled crop! So when is our next crop? hehehe

Here are my weekend projects I did at the crop:
My friends are all praises to these photos, I told them whenever I take photos of myself I always think of an LO in mind hahaha I hope I did justice to the photos as I'm totally blocked on how to put the LO together, see no journaling yet. This is another ad inspired LO from 2Peas Pub thread by Paula.

This is my entry to {Create}, an LO with orange and numbers. This is another page for my Phuket album which got shelved for quite awhile.

And I started my Halloween mini brag book; I hope I can finish it soon. I will post a few photos once done.

More news...I have a new toy! I bought a new printer, an Epson photo printer, yippee! Thanks to Au for the helpful review on Epson printers. I was contemplating on buying the A3 printer but it was already out of stock. I'm itching to try my new toy if only my laptop can get fixed right away. I'll be on a short vacation again this weekend to visit my parents. So I'll be a bit busy for the rest of the week but when I come back I'll have some surprises for all of my scrapping friends out there.
Note: My office laptop also crashed right before I post this entry,*cursed?* I'm now using my friend's laptop, everything seems normal at least for now or else i'm in trouble! hehehe
Enjoy the rest of the week!


Chipmunk said...

Hi Marix! Love how your LOs turned out. =D Have a great vaca and hope to hear more from you when you come back.

salme said...

ke ganda talaga nung photo-me na yun hehehe

liliput said...

oo nga marix ang ganda nung photo me LO mo ;)
enjoy your vacation! :)

Edleen said...

Marix!!! it was nice to see you yesterday and shopping! ;)

enjoy your trip home and look at your LOs and projects, Very Nice! :)

~ AM said...

Love the LO with the owls... so cute... the pics too! :)

Jennie(Jenn) said...

WOW!!! 124 layouts...Great job, ladies!!!