Friday, March 07, 2008

Surfing the internet

The past 2 days have been less stressful for me, well it was shortlived *lol*
Anyway here are some nice to read articles worth sharing:
Here's an interview of Becky Fleck, the woman behind Page Maps. She's a creative, resourceful and very humble person. Thanks Ms Becky for sharing your talent!
Found this and this articles in Simple Scrapbooking.

And what happened yesterday? I think my sugar level went so high yesterday, I went to MWL thrice! Lunch time was real quick, hoarding the love Elsie Claire collection in a blink! After office I also dropped by since I'm meeting with abiik. Elvira posted the photo late afternoon so after seeing them I thought I missed a lot of goodies and splurged too much on Elsie, argh! So I came back but was only thinking of buying a few pps I missed. So it was again real quick and I used my $5 voucher. Then for the third time a little later I came back to accompany abiik, but at the entrance I decided to step back so the lovely ladies at the cashier laughed at my reaction hahaha. So I just waited for abiik outside the store, but when I saw her looking at these cute and pretty die cuts at the table just at the entrance, oh men, I just couldn't resist and guess what I bought a few pieces argh!!! See how impulsive I am? By the way some of my friends also dropped by at the store, I saw mader ces, lily and pearl doing some shopping too.

Well worst thing with me is I don't always immediately use my new stash, just see this LO, my entry to Scrappers at sg challenge #14 by Chipmunk . The pps here are mostly scraps, and the base is a calendar from SEI. The sketch is ad inspired.

Note: don't know why the image doesn't zoom here, just head to scrappersatsg to zoom in the LO.

Now this is a fun challenge!!! - to hide easter egg/s somewhere in a layout. Can you find the 3 eggs? If you're in for more easter egg hunt, head on to our scrappersatsg and see if you can hunt the egg/s of the other LOs. Happy Hunting!

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Kwebbel said...

Hi Benga,
the christmas LO looks realy great!
I love it!
Greetings from Germany