Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm still scrapblocked! Maybe I'm too overwhelmed on the scrap projects I have to attend to and the fun challenges I want to join in. Add the excitement as well for our upcoming scrapmeet and the knee-shaking new arrivals at our LSS, the pressure at work, my long-overdue sore throat, the emails I haven't replied to, friends to keep in touch with, Korean novelas to watch, cleaning up my room, organizing my stuff and so on and so forth. Have you ever think of having time stood still? To think that I'm single and available, I should have the luxury of time on my own right? It's almost weekend and I'm too scared it would go by so quickly. Maybe I'm being paranoid hahaha hey this should be posted in my NSBR blog. Enough of my rant, bottomline I just finished another LO, when I'm in a rut, the best way is to scraplift! I scraplifted Keisha Campbell's LO.

Here's my take at Kaya challenge, details here:

Happy weekend!

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eMeLiNe said...

thank u for dropping by my blog ! :) U did a nice lift !! :)