Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Struggling still or not?

Pardon me with this post as the following will be bits and pieces of whatever...

I barely touched my scrap stuff last night, why bother when mojo is not kicking in? or am I just too engrossed at the Korean drama I'm watching? ha!

I went to yet another embarassing office meeting, no point to discuss the details.

I won 200$, in grocery voucher!!! Wahooooo! Though it would be better if it was in cash, hehehe. So how? Let me just give you an advise "Make a difference, Recycle." ha!

Iris is pregnant! Wohooo congrats girl!

And someone else is, she's sooo funny! always making me blush hahahaha

And here's a glimpse of the gigantic poster at Wheelock, my Sunshine LO was even printed 2x! It was raining and I was alone so I wasn't able to take a souvenir shot, maybe next time before they tear it down. *wink*

Such a wacky Wednesday!

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Jennie said...

hahahha... now i know, am into Korean drama lately too...