Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Struggling to scrap

I was struggling to scrap last weekend and these past few days, I tried my hands first on creating cards, I've stamped , colored and embossed but still not a single card was done. *sigh* So I decided to clear my clutter well at least half of it. Though I have a few containers in all sizes I can't seem to organize my stuff properly. Another dilemma is, though I have a computer table and a small folding table, I still always end up scrapping on the floor. I'm contemplating on buying a cabinet solely for my scrapstuff and a table solely for scrapping, but then again it would add up to my bulky items once we move to another place. The dilemma of living overseas. *sigh* . Eventually I decided to go to Ikea to at least get an idea on what to buy, everything seems to be way over the budget so I just contented myself buying another folding table which is slightly bigger than what I have. It's not that spacious but good enough and at least my sewing machine now sits permanently in the small table. Hopefully this could inspire me to sew on my projects again.

Bloghopping here and there and found this cute project shared by Mel, I will try it soon as soon as my mojo comes back. Meanwhile I'm back to watching Korean dramas on my free time. *lol*

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Mel M. M. M. said...

Hi Marix,

I hope your mojo come back in full force! :0) I know how you feel. I was fizzling out for a while. I love your idea of organizing to get the mojo back. I am SO going to do that this week. Thanks for linkin me so I could find your blog. Off to check out the rest! :0) mel