Saturday, June 14, 2008


As you can see I've changed my blog template to have 3 columns and oh men it wasn't easy as I thought it would be. I struggled with the header sizing and did a trial and error in editing the html and finally I got it ... well almost I think.
Anyway I'm still undecided on the arrangement of all the widgets and I'm still trying to remember my previous links so please call my attention if I missed your blog or I missed any particular link that you like visiting too.
I've done a few LOs and this one is my latest as of 11:00PM last night (did it in 2 hours woooohoo!). I was so inspired with Maria Grace Abuzman's LO in Designing with 2008 calendar(June 13), so I lifted her! I tried to suit the criteria for our scrappersatsg blog challenge so I can also add this as my entry. And a winner was chosen, congrats Maps and welcome back! Do check out her winning LO posted at the blog.

Meanwhile here's a sneak peek for Scrapdragon's next challenge. The current challenge is still on-going, deadline is tomorrow, so hurry and send in your entries to win yummy RAK!

Happy weekend my friends!

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