Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Be happy

Another day passed by and I'm trying my best to update my blog regulary at least before midnight *lol*. I was delighted when a few commented on my Father's day LOs that I posted at 2Peas, really made my day!
Now here's another accomplishment last weekend, this is my entry for {Create} challenge, it's their anniversary! Wohooo happy anniversary to the groovie ladies of Create! I don't think I missed any of their challenges, thanks ladies for the inspiring challenges keep on groovin!

I was surfing here and there and saw this helpful tip in scrapping Disney photos from Scrapjazz. I'm way way behind scrapping our photos and I have yet to finish our graduation albums, yaiks!
By the way I think I forgot to mention that I bought this baby! have been contemplating and weighing between Big bite/Crop-a-dile and Zutter, but with the whoooping discount offered by MWL, this cutie won me over woohooo! Haven't tried it though and I'm still struggling to find a space for this baby.
And the shopping spree continues... even with the current inflation, GSS 2008 is still unstoppable, I did some hoarding at Laine's too (special tnx to cute#1, BI hahaha) , how can I resist this promo#4?

There goes my credit card bills... yaiks!

Almost midweek, be happy!

1 comment:

Edleen said...

woohoo...been shopping yeah Marix :D but the GSS is simply irresistable isn't it?

Love your page for {Create} and Thank You so much for your support since we began :) *hugs*

enjoy your week!!!