Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Midnight post

My room is a mess again... since last night! arghh
I just hate it when I know I have one particular stash that seems nowhere to be found. I really am a fool in organization *sigh*

Anyway here's the LO I finished last night that caused all the mess, my entry for Create... (pardon the photo take, I just want to take a shot of my LO ala magazine style *LOL*)
Here's an experiment, I want to create a wavelike texture so I drew a wave (or so it seems) and then applied dimensional gloss and sprinkled the beads,well not really, would you believe I stuck the beads by threes or fives the most? I should have used microbeads but I don't have the color to match, I think the processing time could be cut by half. Finally after covering the gloss with beads I then reapplied the gloss for a more secure bond. I let it dry overnight.

I enjoyed embellishing the border with bits & pieces!

By the way I just received my goodies from Scrap Inspire Create. Thanks girls, thanks Vivi!

I have another LO I just finished, I will just share it in my next post, I need to clean up before the bugs start attacking me hehehe night night!


salme said...

Wow, I love it! Pati presentation ang galing!

Michelle said...

Wow, I really like how those beads turned out. You did a great job! Adorable lo!