Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Saturday crop

MIB again (not men in black, missing in blogging LOL). Last Saturday's crop with ScrappersatSG was another blast. It was a double celebration for cute#1 and me as we celebrated our birthdays with the scrappers. Though I'm having discomfort due to the monthly thing I managed to finish almost 2 LOs. Each of the scrappers brought one of their favorite LOs and then we draw lots on which LO we're going to lift. Since I only printed a few photos I was hoping I can find a design that would fit in and luckily I got to lift Jane's LO, (sorry I forgot to take a photo of her LO), here's my take.

I made this for a friend who's having a birthday that day, so abiik and I bid our goodbyes earlier than usual to attend her bday dinner. Many thanks to the scrappers who showered me with fun, gifts and surprises! Special thanks to mareng s, cute #1 and maps for making the event possible.
Also last weekend, I organized my area as well as my scraps that are slowly clogging my room. I vow to use most of my scrap pps before I cut a new piece and I vow not to buy pps until my pps trim down to half of what I have. It would be challenging and hearbreaking but it would benefit me in the end.
So here's a peek at my first attempt, though I used up a minimal piece of pp, it's still scrap. This is my assignment for the next Scrapdragon challenge which is supposed to be due last Sunday. I'm super late, yaiks!

I'm feeling drowsy again due to my flu, when will it ever go away? *sigh*

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