Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Totally restless

Mid-life crisis? I've been too stressed at work and have been constantly in a hot seat situation, a lot of heated arguments right and left. Add to that my flu that never goes away. I've had several rounds of antibiotics, that proved to be useless and so even the doctor had a piece of me *LOL*. After my complaints he finally gave in and let me have the nasal spray which he including the other 3 doctors I've consulted declined to prescribed. This is no ordinary anti-allergy nasal spray and yes I know the implications of over dosage of this magic spray. I will come back to him after a week and hopefully, no matter how long and tedious it may take, this flu will eventually go away.
Though I have plenty of time to scrap last night, my body is totally restless (bumigay ang katawang lupa ko) *sigh*. I settled to just watch another episode of a Korean drama and blog hop here and there.
I'm sure most of you have seen the CHA 2008 Summer goodies, so anything on your list? or rather how many are in your list? *LOL*
Though I promised not to buy pps until my pp stash is reduced to half, I think promises are meant to be broken due to the latest from Sassafrass. Cuteness!!!
Have you seen the new tool from ATB? Remember my remorse on their phrase maker? Though this new tool is a little better, or is it? still nothing special to me.

How about the new trimmer from Fiskars? It may be cute for some but outrageous for me *LOL* sorry I'm just being true to myself. Somebody commented that having the dock in a tool bag is much appropriate, I couldn't agree more.

And because I don't have any crafty project to share, I thought I'd share this cute and kinky cards I found while surfing.

Past midweek already, looking forward to weekend again!

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salme said...

natawa naman ako dun sa katawang lupa hahaha

anyways, hope things get better at work soon (ang kafal ko ata para sabihin ito hahaha)

take care!