Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Camera not in service...

I've been waiting for sunshine to get a good photo of my recent LOs but it's so dark this morning. I hate cloudy skies, I don't like rain, I'm a summer kinda gal. Anyway I still held on to my camera but it won't turn on, the batteries are brand new, is it broken? I was in a hurry coz I'm late for work as usual, so I would only know when I get home. Are you asking why I didn't brought it along with me so I can at least check it at the office? Good question, I also don't know why I left it at home, *stupid eh* so now here I am wondering :(
Anyway, worst case I will have to rely on my handy dandy cellphone for my project shots until it gets fixed or if and when I buy a new one. *heart palpitating*

Blog finds:
Head on the Chatterbox blog for some giveaways!

I just recently discovered that Sassafrass now has a blog and Anne was featured! She's rocking those cute pps! Now they are having a stamp contest, check it out!

Scrappin' Mom's Idol Challenge lives up to its name, check out their week#1 challenge, I'm so excited to see what the ladies will come up with!

Check out this stitching tutorial by Cris, the photos speak for themselves ;)

Lia's LOs are oh soooo gorgeous, love love the owls, butterflies, doilies!

Now here's some sharing...just so I post a photo ;)
An altered CD case that I gave as a gift to Botchok way back last year that I believe I haven't posted here. FYI, the right side is what's left of it since those charming kids played with it.

Thanks for dropping by!

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