Saturday, August 02, 2008


I've been so busy and wasn't able to create something crafty this week so I'm back with a revenge *LOL*. At first, my plan was to re-organize, but the inner me wanted to scrap, so I just clean up a bit and started an agenda. I read about chipmunk's list so I thought I would make my own. And this is first on the list, this week's sketch from PagePlans.

Another page for my nephew's graduation album and I got to use my scraps again! Wahoo!

I spent the whole morning selecting photos, editing them and printing on my preferred sizes. This is my attempt to edit my photos in Photoshop, I can't get rid of the intensity on the yellow color, but I don't want to put my effort to waste so I printed them out anyway.



I did a couple of mini cards out of scraps as well, and I'm currently in the process of doing another LO, welcome back mojo! *LOL*
I did a minor destressing last Friday, BamPOP is my first love, before Love, Elsie, so I was happy to know they now sell the pps by piece, so I bought a few pieces!

Though I broke my promise, I didn't buy anything else in addition to the stickles. Sounds fair? heehee

Ahh where did Saturday go? One more day, have a fun weekend!


Jill Deiling said...

loove the new layouts, and im diggin the way you edited that photo, really cool! I hope youre having a great weekend!

Chipmunk said...

Great editting! Can't wait to see the layout! And I love the LO! (Perfect title, heehee). I was able to do 2 of the 4 things on my list, so Good luck to us! =D