Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scrapdragon Challenge #20

It was a well deserved summer break for the scrapdragons and now here's the reveal for Challenge #20 - Give us your two cents! Please come along and play with us, Laura and Gabi prepared yummy goodies for the winner!

This photo is an oldie, a freebie from the photolab for every roll of film developed, ahhh those were the days. The photo was taken at Botanical Garden Singapore and yes I was reading a book back then! I'm not a book person but I do read from time to time ;)

The photo quality wasn't that good so I just focused on myself *as always*, so I cut a circle from a vellum and put it on top. I masked the word TIME using the HS ghost letters as stencil, added some blings, chipboard tree I got from Kelly (used in MWL's NSD memory game*) and wrote the journaling using white pen.

*memory game by Kelly: She covered the MR tree chipboards with pps back to back, the trunks she painted brown. Three sets of trees will be laid on the table and within a time limit you should be able to form another set with the exact placement. Super fun game!

On a sad note, my camera is not working *sigh*. I hope the sun shines bright today ;)

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