Friday, August 15, 2008

Spring loaded card

I really admire the humongous talents out there who always come up with clever ideas. And even go way beyond to spare some time to create tutorials and share the process. My warmest gratitude to all of you whoever or wherever you maybe.
So what caught my eye this time? A spring loaded card! Thanks Diana! Here's my version...

I used transparency as a substitute for the spring, OA stamp set for the flowers and the butterflies. This is a prototype and I'm happy with the outcome!

It was a last minute decision to enter the Circle Stamp challenge at Laines, so here's a simple LO I did last night. If you're registered at Laine's please vote for me, thanks! *wink*

Yipeee it's Friday, enjoy your weekend!


liliput said...

wow marix i like the card.. galing ng butterflies :) turuan mo naman kami.. hahaha

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi said...

Brilliant work on the transparency. It's addicting eh?! :) I bought a whole pack of transparencies. I'll send you some.