Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Very short post

I'm in heat, fever that is ;) I hate being sick, I miss home :(
Here's my altered clock which is my entry at Kaya, read more about the details here, and learn how to do it here, and see the lovely creations here.

Gotta take some rest, need to go back to work tom *sigh*


~ AM said...

That's a lovely altered clock, Marix. Very nice!

Oh dear, I hope you get well REAL soon!

salme said...

get well coon!

Au Lim said...

wow Marix! that's a lovely clock! Get well soon sis! you need you strength to make more beautiful work! :-D TC!

jakey said...

Aw... sorry you're sick babe!

LOVE your clock :)

jk xxx