Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I found my cabinet!

Finally after a few rounds at Ikea, V.Hive, Giant and Carrefour my heart and budget ;) went to V.Hive!
This bookcase fits just right in my room, the top 2 shelves have sliding glass doors, the dividers are adjustable, though the color is classy I find it too dark, unfortunately they don't have any other colors. But I'm still loving it! Another perk and assembly is free of charge! And the best of the bestest *lol* is it's on sale previous price is $288 it's now sold at $169! I'm a happy girl! It would be delivered next Saturday, can't wait to finally re-organize my stuff. I guess I'd be frequenting Daiso in a couple of weeks for more storage ideas.

By the way, I'm still contemplating in revamping my ribbon storage like this into a ziplock style which I think is much more convenient, but what to do with these jars?
I'm thinking of doing something crafty with these jars like maybe a goodie treat for my friends for Halloween? Any ideas you want to share?

By the way my camera was totally busted! arghhh It would cost me $160 for repair! Darn! They just offered me an upgrade which will just save me a mere $70 for that broken camera. *sigh* I'm undecided, I'm having second thoughts with Canon since this is the second time my gadget got busted (first one was my video cam which cost me $200!). But my friends still say Canon is still one of the best, is it? My very first digi cam was Minolta way back 5 years ago and it's still in working condition which I passed on to my Dad. Sadly Minolta took a backseat in digital cameras a couple of years ago. If I'm going for Canon I still prefer the PowerShot against Ixus functionality wise. DSLR is totally out, I don't think I can maximize it's potential so I still prefer the point and shoot cameras, any suggestions?

Midweek is almost over, 2 more days and it's weekend again, time flies so make each day extra special!


~ AM said...

Hi Marix! Yeah, I think a Powershot would be a good choice coz it gives you some flexibility, a bit more like a DSLR. :)

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi said...

Hmm.... overtime, you will collect more 'stuff' so if u have some space left, I suggest you store it. Hey, nice storage! I think I might need something with 'lock' so my kids can't trash my supplies like they always do! ;)

Lesli said...

I'm sure you'll come up with something creative to do with those jars! I can't wait to see.

Wati Basri said...

benga great...can't wait to see your new space!!

tnapay said...

hello. :) am excited to see your new cabinet stuffed with scraps :-D hihihi.

my camera is a canon powershot a460 and so far, we are satisfied with it cause even my son can capture pictures with ease. :) [though i still dream of getting a dslr - in the far future siguro hehe].

whatever camera you get, hopefully, it'll last long. :-D