Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend craftyness

I have a few accomplishments this weekend, hurray again! Plus I had a blast spending overnight at a friend's place helping them out preparing props for the stage in the upcoming D&D in celebration of the feast of our church. It's a cowboy theme! so we also had good laughs doing the line dancing and grooving into the past popular dance craze! Does macarena, lambada and rico mambo sounds familiar? *lol*
Anyway before I went over, I managed to housekeep a few of my scrap stuff and found the empty Prima bottles collecting dust, tucked here and there and everywhere ;) Since I've been seeing a lot of Halloween projects from blog land, why not go with the flow? Here goes my altered bottles using scraps from my Halloween mini book I did a few months ago. This is a simple and super easy project! and I recycled!

I temporarily filled them up with my personal stock of chocolates hehehe notice the ricoa flat tops? (Philippine made chocolates that costs like Hersheys kisses when bought here in SG, outrageous!)

I decided to settle with Canon's offer on the slightly higher version of my busted Powershot, better than nothing. Camera is a basic need for me, I guess for all of us right? Hopefully I can have it within the week. Meanwhile I'm all praises to my Nokia N82 for keeping me company in my blogging while my camera was busted. Pretty nice images for a cellphone don't you agree?

More projects coming up! Start the week with a smile so the rest of the days will follow! *reminding myself again lol* Happy Monday!


salme said...

Very cute!

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi said...

those are really cute Marix. Hmmm..... Ricoa flat tops - haven't had that in ages. Yummy.

tnapay said...

gandang bote ng mga yan. :-D hihi. will try making my treats goodies for my son and his classmates for halloween. something to keep me stress-free for the next weeks. ;-) have a wonderful week ahead.