Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where to begin

My cabinet arrived right on time but as always I was not prepared of what's in store for me. Organizing my stuff has always been gruesome, stressful and totally disappointing. I can make a mess in a few seconds but will take me hours to clean-up *sigh*.

I'm still contemplating on the things I should let go, so darn hard no matter how old and crappy my stuff is, if you know what I mean. So my organization is a work in progress... one progress is organizing my clear stamps, I myself was overwhelmed with the amount of stamps I currently own (2 binders and still counting). Though some of you may have more than I do, this is way too much for me. I even have quite a few that haven't been smothered with ink, if they have feelings they might feel unloved! *lol*

using DVD binder and plastic casings/holders

In between organizing/cleaning I still find time to scrap and make cards, so again my room is a hazardous place to sleep in. Here's another LO of my nephew's graduation, using my Elsie scraps! If you have Love, Elsie stuff give them some love and try to create a few projects, in case you haven't heard Love, Elsie series has ended.

Life is a patchwork of friends

Now here's an LO for CJ's challenge at ScrappersatSG. Far cry adaptation of the page/ad...

I have a few more assigments to finish, only then I can prioritize my re-org. Sometimes I wish I can just stay home and get crafty but work gets in the way *lol*.

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Vivs said...

yummy stamps! and what a wonderful patches of PPs there Marix!! wuhoooo!! so very nice~ Lovin your work a lot!

scrapgurl said...

I love organizing scrap stuff! Excited to see your newly-organized supplies! Hey the Love, Elsie line was discontinued?