Monday, October 06, 2008

Miss Grumpy today?

A monthly thingy syndrome haha

My cabinet is halfway orgranized but my computer table and craft table is in chaos! I prioritized cleaning up my wardrobe and it's now spic and span!
Yesterday was a Cowboy blast as we celebrated St. Teresa's day, a yearly DnD event of our church. We decorated the stage and lookie us, the hot Cowgirls *LOL* So that's another photo waiting to be scrapped!

A belated happy birthday to one of my dear girlfriends Leslie! and purple is her color :) I just realized my pp was upside down hahaha, big boobooI missed the World Card Making Day last Saturday but we can always make a card anyday. How about joining us in Jill's card challenge at *Scrapstars*!

Thanks again for visiting!

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Edleen said...

you Cowgirls look so Cool! :)

that's a great LO Marix. hope you had a fab weekend and enjoy the week ahead!