Tuesday, October 28, 2008

No blabber for today

Don't know what got into me, I just feel like hiding inside my shell ahhh mood swings really. So no blabber for today, aren't you glad? *lol*

Here's a pending LO I managed to finish, supposed to be my entry for Kaya #14 - the flavors of summer , as usual it was left unfinished and forgotten in my chaotic scrap space. Since it has pink I might as well send this to Create. They will donate for every entry so head on to their blog for details.

And this is for Scrapbook Challenges sketch 114, another 8x8 LO. It looks messy, but ok enough for me since it's a halloween theme hehehe
More and more LOs for posting, I just need some "good mood" boosters.
Hope your week is not dull as mine :)


Chipmunk said...

Hi Marix! Thanks for dropping by my blog! =D I WISH my day was as dull as yours... too much "excitement" at work is not good... hehehe... Balita pala ni Abby you got to do a LOT of xmas cards... patingin!!!

eMeLiNe said...

Love the Halloween's and love the title ! Nice!