Sunday, October 12, 2008


What a prolific weekend! It's a scrap marathon with my scrapping friends, with only 2 things in mind...scrap and eat *LOL* We started 8:30PM Friday night, slept around 7AM Sat and woke up 11AM to scrap again! Are we addicts or what! We finally put an end to our madness 5:00PM and here are our achievements!
I will share the details on these projects in the coming posts, meanwhile here's an LO/Card for my Mama. This coming Friday is her birthday! She loves receiving cards with her photo so that explains this.
This is for Allison's SS38 - Button entrants

And here's an LO for her using Scrapbook Challenges Sketch 111 and for OLW #37
Now for the blogcandy... a little intro, please bear with me ;)

On my last vacation my mother bugged me on the HK photos again, I have no alibi! So when I came back, I immediately went to the printing lab and here are the photos, 165 in all! It's not even half of our total HK photos! So I have this dilemma on how to send these photos and suddenly I had this idea... I will send a few pieces around 8-10 photos at a time, together with a card for her. That will surely brighten her days dont you think so? Yep the mailman is gonna be busy these days hehehe

So here's the mini blog candy...

a little early Xmas treat for making cards or any other projects.

ETA: a bottle of Stickles will be included in this treat (and maybe some more coming up) *wink*

My only request for you is to create a card and post a link at the comments section of this post until Oct.17 (my mother's big day). I will draw a winner on the 18th. You can post as many as you can! Any card will do and I do hope you will send/give the card to someone special and make them smile!
Thanks for dropping by and Happy Sunday!


jeanie nieva said...

grabe. almost 12 hours of scrapping. that has got to be some sort of record. ako rin i want to do that one of these days. :)

tnapay said...

hi marix. :) what a productive night you had. :-D

will my recently finished cards qualify? heehee


but will post the cards i will be making this coming days off.

thanks! :-D blesssed Sunday to you.

salme said...

Wow! Very productive weekend! Kakamiss magscrap with friends hehehe

Love your blog candy....

Allison said...

Your layouts are always so bright and colorful! Your mama looks like a fun gal...I am sure she will love these!

Kwebbel said...

Nice stuff you have made - everything is so coulorful - I like that!

And the Christmascandy is so beautiful!

Greetings from Germany

salme said...

Hi... Eto po ang aking entry hehehe

cabbie lopez said...

you are very generous.. hope i would be able to make some.

liliput said...

Love how you combine the colors! very vibrant :)

Berenice said...

Hi there! Your layouts are beautiful!
I have some cards to share:
Happy Birthday card
A card for my mom

Nice blog candy!

Martha said...

Your layout are lovely :)

Thanks for you comment about the card I made for Breast Cancer Awareness.
Breast Cancer Awareness card

How nice of you to have a blog candy.
My card to participate is
Fall card

Martha said...

Another card:
Have a nice day card

Berenice said...

Hi there!
There's another card I want to share with you:
Just Bee... cause card
Have a good day!

liliput said...

helo.. eto po cards ko :)

Lynn said...

I LOVE your layout for OLW! Gorgeous!


Vivs said...

Love your LO/card for your mother there Marix! Soo sweet!

Susie Tan said...

Hi Marix,

Here's my card

Happy Birthday to your mom, she is so lucky to have you. Love your cards.


Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

You were a busy little bee! Here's my 1st card. BOO!

Frogs-n-Butterflies said...

Well, that didn't is the link.

jeanie nieva said...

di na ako nakagawa ng bago, so i-resubmit ko yung entry ko for kaya...

sensya na.

salme said...

Habol pa isa :-)