Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Benga defined!

Finally here's a rather lengthy story behind my cyber name... I hope I won't bore you ;)

Benga pronounced as Beng - ga
is actually short for Bengawan which I derived from the name of a cake shop here in Singapore, "Bengawan Solo"
Bengawan is a Javanese word for river while Solo is a city also known as Sukarta, *whew*
ok just got those info from here and here.
Now why did I use this nickname, it's actually a handle I used for chatting a long time ago.
Few years back I was working in a government agency here in Singapore together with more than a 100 of Filipinos also working in IT. Since most of them doesn't have emails, not even internal ones and the phones are centralized per unit *argh* (yep that's how strict they are), we don't have the means to chit-chat when the day gets so sleepy and boring. First we used the WinPop to communicate but then it was troublesome with all the popping, if you know what I mean, plus it's more of a one-on-one conversation.
So it lead to the greatest invention, the smart heads came together and concocted the internal chat room which we fondly called the "tambayan", of course this is to be used as discretely as possible since we don't want to get caught *lol*
I first started with the handle Chocnut, no further explanation on that since I enjoy eating this local sweet delight. We did lie low at the tambayan when we felt that we're being monitored, hahaha sneaky eh! When the tambayan was relaunched I thought of changing Chocnut since I still prefer anonymity at the start. I was eating a cake at that time, and yes it was from Bengawan Solo. So I entered the room using Bengawan, I can still recall the praises I got with such a unique handle, primarily coz most of the chatters can't decipher if I'm a boy or a girl hehehe From then on I started logging in as Benga and of course the identity was known soon after.
The chatters started calling me that name and most of us call each other with our handles. My name Benga evolved to other names like Mama B or mareng B (from maxx, DH of mareng s which we also call mami S). But botchok teasingly tells me that B stands for baboy (pig), grrrr.
And just to share with you some famous names from the room:
maxx, xavej, slade, doc, koks, cich, six, pre, nene, popoy, tab, tiks among others
How about you? any handle you use for chatting? why not create a page and tell the story... head on to Scrapstars and post your entry on my Triple Treat post as well to get a chance to win yummy goodies!

and because I don't want to post without a photo... here's some random experiment projects I did when there are times I want to take a break from scrapping and card making ...

Hey that Christmas post-it is not so ordinary, I tried out this flip book shown at Hero Arts blog long time ago. They are fun but tedious to do! My take is the star on a Christmas tree.
The most recent one I did is that strawberry stuffie, I got the idea from somewhere but I forgot to get the link, there are so many fun tutorials out there if you want to venture into making these cute plushies/stuffies.
Here's a fun tutorial I found in Flickr, I want my own monster too!

Blogcandy alert:
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Free Stamps Everyday by Sally, she's giving away bootiful stamps from here.

Thanks for all the lovin', get crafty people!


Liza said...

LOL! Ang cute naman Marix how you ended up with "Benga." I'm sure we'll see a LO about this soon.

tnapay said...

wow! finally, got to learn how benga came about. hopefully, i will be able to finish my 'tinapay' layout before the deadline. don't want to miss out on your other candy for scrapstars entries. hihi. :)