Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I work hard for the money

The economic/financial crisis thingy is getting on my nerves, there are still people who take advantage of the situation, marking up prices so high which are totally ridiculous. Sorry for my rant, we were just informed last night that our flat rental will increase by $200SGD per month next year, argh!
A pay cut and increase in cost of living, not good :(

So here goes an old LO, I think I'm lost for words hehehe

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CurlyQ Cuties - i'm lovin monsters lately :)

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Mberenis said...

Most people don't realize how much money there is out there. During economic times like this, there is more money to be had than ever. Because of the bailouts and economy, lenders are bending over backwards to bail you out too. Believe it or not, there is people getting tons of cheap money nowdays to start businesses, buy homes, pay off debt, and more. Bailouts for Everyone

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

Wow, I can't believe SG had pay cuts? I guess it's hard since more than 95% of everything there are imports. But then again, yeah you don't import monthly rates for flat. That's totally unacceptable unless there was a huge increase of property taxes. Love your LO btw. Is that KI forest theme thing?

Allison said...

A fun layout! Sorry about the rise in seems to be hounding us planet-wide!