Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Inconsistent card maker

Allison posted this challenge at her blog, AFSS43 - Post your Uggos, post your earliest card creations

A little background...
I grew up making cards since my mother would always ask us to create cards for our Dad who is working overseas at that time, she would also encourage us to exchange cards (me and my bro)l and of course she loves to receive cards for herself as well.
Way before I started acid free scrapbooking I've been making cards for my friends and family, it was more of a hobby, sadly I can't show my earliest cards way back 1995 *whew*, since all of them are stored in my drawers back home in Manila.
This is the oldest card that I have, I did this 3 years ago:
I'm more of a scrapbooker than a cardmaker, I really find it hard to create a card than a scrapbook page! Most of the time I use scraps of papers from my scrapbooking that's why my cards sometimes comes with weird color combos like these:

When I searched my blog for cards, I think I like the older ones rather than the new ones hehehe ...this is my latest card

And these are the oldest cards I posted

Definitely inconsistent...

Thanks for the visit. Happy Tuesday!


tnapay said...

u are a very talented card maker {of course, firstly, a scrapbooker} heehee. these are all wonderful creations. {sana makagawa din ako ng maraming maraming cards} :-D

Michelle Bertuzzi said...

I guess we all have our own specialty. I believe what makes it harder these days is there are so many supplies & tools that we try to make use of them. We see so many great projects that we want to incorporate it to our own somehow so our own ideas get sabotaged. :P
I still think your cards are lovely. They are now more detailed with a little bit more work of love. Like the latest card with all paper piercing. I really like it. Don't you think so?

Allison said...

These aren't bad at all (in my opinion). Mine are way scarier! Thanks for sharing!

redoaklines said...

what great great cards!!!! i totally love it!


Saxontoy said...

Hi there Marix, I think your a good card maker and even if you think your colors don't go.. they do. Great work. TFS

ali naqvi said...

Remarkable cards!!!! its designs are adorable..!!!HOW can i make my own Plastic business cards