Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party in November

It was a blast!!!
This is our group shot that I set on timer, it was all so dark! yaiks! so this is the best tweaking I can come up with.
Noticed our aprons? Together with abiik, we conceptualize this project for the scrappers and yes with the very very very big help from Mama (mother of mader c) who's talent for sewing is impeccable. And of course thanks to mader c and pader for helping us in the process as well.

These are some of the LOs for our Monito/Monita challenge.

The scrappers are having a hard time figuring out who did who and most of them can't figure out the LOs I did. Just for fun can you guess which LO/s I did?

for Scrappin Monito/Monita Challenge #1
for Scrappin Monito/Monita Challenge #2

I'll announce the winners for Treat #2 tomorrow and yes Treat #1 is still open so tell all your friends about it. I lost count of the pages we did but it's definitely more than 60 pages for SCKC memory books '09, thank you scrappers!

More details tomorrow, need some sleep now, goodnight!

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Michelle said...

Sana andyan din ako para enjoy!
Di bale baka next time pag bumwisita akech.