Sunday, November 16, 2008

Scrapstars Nickname challenge

I was not myself the past few days... I'm overwhelmed with all my to do list and when I'm in panic I freeze hahaha.
Anyway here's my layout for Scrapstars latest challenge, super duper fun challenge! Hey there's no reason to skip this one with the fab prizes up for grabs! And this time we're doing a draw, so everyone is in equal footing! See the fabulous LOs by the DTs anf GDTS here.

This is an LO for my BFF here in SG, he saw this one already and as usual I got NR (no reaction) from him. Maybe bcoz I didn't mention that I'm posting this one online *lol*
So what's in a nickname? ... in Tagalog, Botchok is a slang name for somebody who is chubby or fat
I just realized there's no SB items out there which has a pig theme, totally unfair! You see dogs, cats, owls, monkeys, giraffes, lions, even crocodiles but no pig! Luckily kaiser has this wood shaped pig so I traced it in a chipboard, cut and painted. (see his tattoo?)

The caption is actually a cute ringing tone I got from a friend... in Tagalog "taba" is short for "mataba" which also means fat and "tabachoy" is another slang version.
Do you like my piggy button?

I initially just wanted to add some flair with the title so I chose a big button but it's a bit boring then *ding!* why not create a I started adding a brad for his nose adding two lines using a pen, my googly eyes are all big so I searched my stash and found small white brads so I again I used my pen for the eyes and finally I cut pieces of ribbon and formed his ears, fun!
I'm almost finish with my reorganization of my stash when suddenly one shelf hanging from the wall just collapsed! yaikks! I'm soo stressed trying to figure out how to organize my stuff and this happens...*sigh*

Are you still reading this? good for you *lol* Watch out for my next post, it's gonna be my last blogcandy for this year, and I promise it would be fun!

Thanks again for reading my blog. Enjoy the last few hours of weekend, I'm looking forward for a less-stressful week ahead, fighting!


tnapay said...

cute. :-) hihi.

liliput said...

cutie ng LO :) lalo na yung button.. hehe :)